About MKS


Meserete Kristos Church (meaning “Christ is the foundation Church,” based on I Cor. 3:11) is the church that grew out of the work of Mennonite Missions in the 1950s. The church began to give informal leadership training in 1994, and it trained elders and evangelists. In 1994, the Meserete Kristos Church Bible Institute (MKCBI) was founded to provide biblical training to pastors, evangelists, and church leaders within Ethiopia.

Due to the scarcity of trained ministers, the establishment of Meserete Kristos College (MK College) was found to be a necessity. Hence, MKCBI was reorganized as the MK College in 1997. Having been located in Addis Ababa from 1999 to 2007, the College moved to Bishoftu (Debreziet) in January 2007. The Meserete Kristos College was renamed the Meserete Kristos Seminary on October 16, 2020.

Since its establishment, the Meserete Kristos Seminary (MKS) has nurtured men and women servant leaders to the ministry of the gospel and to the societies of Ethiopia. The Seminary has grown to be a full seminary, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in biblical, theological, and practical Christian ministry majors. The seminary promotes the ministry of reconciliation, geared towards equipping graduate leaders who are capable of and committed to transforming the world through evangelism, peacemaking, and societal holistic development.

Leadership and Governance

Under the auspices of the Meserete Kristros Church, the Board of Trustees of the Seminary is the primary governing body, executing authorizations and overseeing the fulfillment of the Constitution of the Seminary. The Principal is the Chief Executive Officer of the MK Seminary, who has overall leadership and supervision of the seminary’s endeavors.

The Principal is also responsible for leading institutional development, capacity building, and advancement at the Seminary. Along with the Seminary’s staff and faculty, the Principal ensures the MK Seminary is in service to the MK Church in the best possible way and follows  up on all orders of the Board of Trustee resolutions. The MK Seminary has also a Management Committee with advisory capacity to the Principal.

Our Campuses

Our main campus, located in Bishoftu, provides a dynamic environment for the MKS community, with several branch campuses in Addis Ababa, Adama, Hossana, Diredewa, and Bahirdar.