Meserete Kristor Seminary

Nurture men and women servant leaders to the ministry of the Gospel and to society!

About MKS

Established in 1994 by the Meserete Kristos Church, the MKS nurture men and women servant leaders to the ministry of the gospel and to the societies of Ethiopia. Beginning as a tiny Bible institute, it has grown to be a full seminary offering undergraduate and graduate programs in biblical, theological, and practical Christian ministry majors.

The seminary promotes a faith that is centered in Jesus and community outreach, and its mandate is centered in the ministry of reconciliation. The seminary is geared towards equipping graduate leaders who are capable of and committed to transforming the world through evangelism, peacemaking, and holistic development.


A Global Community of Servants

MKS is a global Meserete Kristos Church and Anabaptist community enshrined to bring souls to the salvation of Christ, promote gospel outreach and church growth, and nurture intercultural competence. Together, we join in God’s ongoing work to renew and redeem the world.


Grace Leah Opiacha

What Our Students Say

My name is Grace Leah Opiacha, a graduate of Meserete Kristos Seminary, class of 2022. I am from Kenya and a member of the Kenya Mennonite Church. As an international student, studying at MKS was never a dull moment; it was filled with a lot of challenges as well as fun moments which made it such a rewarding experience.

Most glaring was the language barrier and a different culture from my own. It took me time to figure out certain things on my own in order to gain more independence and confidence to start enjoying learning and life at MKS in preparation for the real world that awaited me after graduation.

The learning experience was much easier than the school system back in Kenya. Being a student at MKS introduced me to different ways of teaching, educational styles, and learning, and when I combined . . .

MKS exists to serve while being rooted in the Word and growing in the likeness of Christ

We delve into the Scriptures to be transformed in spirituality and academic excellence in the vibrant fellowship of Meserete Kristos Church and as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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